I need your help

One of the biggest challenges in the election for trustee is managing to share your message with people.  School District 61, despite the  "Victoria" title, covers Saanich (south of Mt Douglas and Camosun's Interurban Campus), Oak Bay, View Royal, Esquimalt and a part of the Highlands, in addition to Victoria.  In a busy field of mayoralty and councillor candidates, it can be hard to make conections.  That's where you come in.

Talk to your friends

The simple fact that you are on this website means that public education is important to you.  Even though people are able to vote for trustees on the same ballot as mayor and councilors, many people shy away from doing so.  This election season, make sure that you share your interests and concerns about our education system with family and friends and encourage them to make their opinions count by voting for trustee candidates they support.  

Take a lawn sign

If you are interested in  displaying a lawn sign, you can contact me at RobPaynterforTrustee@shaw.ca.  I'll come around again after the election to collect them so no concerns about more waste to deal with.

Distribute campaign material

If you have the time to deliver a few brochures to friends and neighbours, it will help me a great deal to get my message out to the community.  As already mentioned, there is a lot of ground to cover in SD61!


This is likely my least favourite task but an absolute essential.  Campaign financing reforms include stipulations about how much the candidate can contribute to his or her own campaign.  This means that without your support, I will have difficulty producing the materials I need to run a successful campaign.

There are a number of ways to donate:

Please be aware that the maximum personal contribution that anyone in BC may make is $1,200.  The name of anyone donating more than $100 will be reported to Elections BC as per campaign financing requirements.