Keeping my Commitments

Reflecting on the past four years

This term has very much been a collaborative affair with varying trustees coming together to advance different initiatives.  In reviewing the actions I set out to achieve over the past four years it is critical to acknowledge the work of my fellow trustees, in particular Diane McNally for her leadership on accountability measures, and Jordan Watters for her work on gender equity initiatives, and senior administrators in accomplishing as much as we have.  A single trustee may have numerous contributions to make, but without the ability to work with others and share a persuasive vision, those ideas will wither on the vine.

Strategic Planning for SD61

My 2014 Goals

  • Establish a long-term strategic planning process linking capital and operational spending to identified goals. (ONGOING)
  • Ongoing review and revision of existing policies and regulations to ensure direction continues to be relevant and appropriate. (ONGOING)

Improving Accountability and Transparency

My 2014 Goals

  • Establishment of a trustee chaired Finance committee to review budget allocations and spending and provide recommendations to the Board. (COMPLETE)
  • Regular posting of trustee and senior District staff expenses. (COMPLETE)
  • Review of contracting policies and procedures. (OUTSTANDING)
  • Limit the use of In Camera meetings to specific circumstances regarding personnel, property and legal matters. (ONGOING)
  • All correspondence to the Board and directives from the Ministry of Education to the Board or senior District administrators are to be logged and made publicly available except where In Camera conditions may apply. (PARTIAL)
  • Motions to be tracked in a separate document accessible on the website. (COMPLETE)
  • Videos of Board meetings should be made publicly available via the District website. (COMPLETE)
  • All sub-committees of the Board should produce minutes identifying the parties present, a summary of discussions and any actions determined.  Minutes will be available publicly on the District website. (PARTIAL)

Focusing on classrooms and learning support

My 2014 Goals

  • Develop budget proposals based on actual student needs. (ONGOING)
  • Address shortfall in special education teachers, educational assistants and learning support. (ONGOING)
  • Provide additional support for children with behavioural and learning difficulties; aim to reduce student wait times for assessments to no more than 6 months and allocate necessary resources to meet this timeline. (OUTSTANDING)
  • Augment school and district educational resources, including library and counseling time. (ONGOING)
  • Identify obstacles to graduation and develop appropriate strategies to overcome them. (PARTIAL)
  • Publicly post class size and composition reports to enable members of the public to remain aware of conditions in our schools. (OUTSTANDING)  

Actively engaging students, parents, teachers and administrators

 My 2014 Goals

  • All agenda packages should be posted on the web and emailed directly to school PACs as soon as possible prior to meeting dates. (PARTIAL)
  • Trustees should be assigned to schools from all communities across the district to ensure that they are aware of conditions district  wide. (OUTSTANDING)
  • Trustees should meet with the PACs of their assigned schools regularly; opportunities to meet with teachers and administrators should be pursued. Trustees need to understand school conditions firsthand. (ONGOING)
  • Ensure student trustees, education partners, parents and community members have meaningful opportunities to engage in discussions at Board committees and meetings. (ONGOING)
  • Where invited to participate in specific topics or processes, for example, submitting budget recommendations, adequate supporting information must be provided in advance to support the development of meaningful input. (PARTIAL)

Championing social and global responsibility

 My 2014 Goals 

  • Actively advance the goals of the Aboriginal Enhancement Agreements with Songhees and Esquimalt First Nations. (ONGOING)
  • Providing additional support for safe and caring school programming (enlisting the bystanders), actively promote such initiatives as the Anti-Bullying Film Festival and Me to We clubs at school. (PARTIAL)
  • Maintaining existing environmental programs (composting, recycling) while expanding the range of campaigns to include energy conservation, gardening and other green initiatives. (ONGOING)
  • Promotion of walking and cycling to and from schools through district contests and awareness programs and safer routes planning in collaboration with municipal staff. (ONGOING)