Track Record: Additional Details

Strategic Planning



  • The Board completed a Strategic Plan in 2015.  Implementation work has resulted in more detailed operational planning for Educational Services, Facilities, Technology for Learning and International Students Program.
  • Since 2015  a regular and ongoing review of Board bylaws, policies, and regulations involving trustees and senior administrators has been underway.

Improving Accountability and Transparency


  • The Finance and Audit Committee was established in 2018.  I have the privilege to chair this body.
  • Trustee and Senior Administration expenses are available here
  • A review of contracting policies and  procedures remains outstanding.
  • The number of In Camera and the number of topics covered at them have been reduced and narrowed significantly.  This requires constant vigilance however.
  • At present, all of the Board's advocacy correspondence  is available here. Other Board correspondence is included in Board meeting agenda packages. The scale of staff correspondence with Ministry counterparts does not support ongoing tracking and reporting.
  • Approved motions are tracked online here.
  • Videos of Board meetings are available here by clicking on the bold font "Board of Education " headers for the respective meeting.
  • Sub-committee and ad hoc committee terms of reference, chair contact information and some meeting schedules are available here.  Meeting minutes are not universally available.

Focusing on classrooms and learning support


  • Recent IT purchases and adoption of the Base+ model for counseling support reflect budgeting based on actual student needs.
  • The shortfall in learning support and special education teachers has been improved as a result of the Supreme Court decision.
  • Provision of additional support for children with behavioural and learning difficulties continues to be a challenge due to the special education funding model; actively seeking to reduce student wait times for assessments to no more than 6 months.
  • The Supreme Court decision improved librarian time slightly, past decisions had limited cuts to librarian positions.  As a district we are actively seeking to increase access to counseling resources through the Base+ model. 
  • The identification of obstacles to graduation is an ongoing task for teachers and senior District administration.  I am seeking to add educational options for those most at risk of not graduating. 
  • The posting of class size and composition reports continues to be a divisive point for trustees, some of who are concerned that the reports might lead to the identification of students with designations.  On a positive note, implementation of the Supreme Court decision has placed a strong focus on both class size and composition.